What does self care mean? To me, self care is comparable to our fingerprints ... in that there are no duplicates. Self care is either completely abandoned in our current state of affairs, and for some it adds more stress. "I SHOULD be taking time for self care. I SHOULD do this. I SHOULD do that." How about we stop shoulding all over ourselves, and start treating ourselves with kindness and compassion, the same way we treat our friends and loved ones. No matter what your definition of self care is, this candle is universal. The recipient of your gift will use it as a reminder to take care of themself, and to breathe. Whether that means lighting this candle while soaking in the tub, or enjoying the aroma of the candle while finally finishing that book. *By book I may or may not mean that netflix series. Self care is definitely not one size fits all, but this candle sure is. 

'Self Care' Soy Candle

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