Saint Exhaustia - Patron Saint of Tired Moms. The perfect gift to drop off on the porch of that new mom on your street, or your best friend down the road whose battery is currently running low. Spread some joy with this candle that will bring a smile, and likely a laugh to whoever is the lucky recipient.


Light this candle as you take a moment to yourself, mama. Maybe it's while you are locked in your bathroom, maybe you're lounging on your patio, maybe you're soaking in the tub for a moment of solitude. You do what you need to do for yourself! I am proud of you. A little prayer to Saint Exhaustia couldn't hurt, for no mom has ever said, "MAN! I have been getting WAY too much sleep lately!"

'Saint Exhaustia' Candle

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  • Saint Exhaustia - Patron Saint of Tired Moms

    Paraffin wax candle, 12.5 inches tall.

    Traditional saint candle.

    Wicks and wax may be off center.

    Saint Candles - Pray to the Saints we want, not the ones we need.
    Made in United States of America